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'I will strive to accept the things I cannot change,

Change the things I can and should,

And find the wisdom to know the difference'

 Reinhold Niebuhr (adapted)


I offer a variety of Counselling, Coaching and Wellbeing interventions, on both a one-to-one and group training/workshop basis. Typically Counselling is distinguished from Coaching as being more focused on the alleviation of distress within the individual, whilst coaching is more often seen as being about enhancing performance or one's life experience, rather than treating dysfunction. However, in practice, the boundaries between counselling and coaching are breaking down and the two disciplines are beginning to integrate their approaches, because in practice, they rely heavily on similar skills and overlap to a large extent.

In my actual work with individuals I am accordingly less concerned with whether the label attached to the intervention is called 'counselling' or 'coaching', and more concerned with supporting clients to make the constructive, practical changes which will enhance their lives.

In respect of the Wellbeing Services offered I draw upon my knowledge of stress management, meditation, mindfulness, positive psychology and philosophy.

You can waste so much of your life and your potential by not seeking support and help that you might believe, at odd moments, you actually have several lives available to you instead of only one – but you don't! So do not waste any more time, act now and follow the 2 simple steps below whether you're interest lies in Counselling or Coaching support...

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